Jan 25, 2007

Starting to Blog

I have been thinking about blogging since a long time and I am glad I finally got to doing it today!

Yes, another one added to the list of the already existing ones, but what's the harm. I enjoy writing, indulging in knowledge sharing, creating tutorials and interacting with people, so this seems to be the best medium for me to do all of this.

Getting down to business, through this blog I hope to share my knowledge of Flash Lite and the progression of Flash on Mobiles technologies in India and worldwide. I will look forward to receiving comments so that the topic be debated if need may be.

Looking forward to a great new year!



At 12:18 AM , Anonymous Leonardo said...

hi Miriam, great blog ;)
i think community will enjoy it

At 10:33 AM , Blogger poonam said...

Hie, Gr8 to see you on blogspot,and sharing your ideas...

Poonam Sheth

At 2:34 PM , Anonymous Miikka Lyytikäinen said...

Hi Mariam,

it's a good thing to have you blogging at last, appreciate :)

Aniway Ltd.

At 2:39 PM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

Thanks a lot Leonardo, Poonam and Miikka.

I really hope to add a lot more news especially about the Flash Lite launches, which we all are hoping is going to pick up this year.

Keep yourself hooked to this page for more :)


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