Jan 30, 2007

Flash Lite: Flavor of the Month

2007 started with a bang with the PocketGamerā€™s site listing Flash Lite as one of the trends to take off this year.

Then it was Eli Dickinson of Fierce Wireless' predictions. He figured Flash Lite as one of the foremost technologies to take off in 2007 in a big way.

And the final great news to come was the news of Flash Lite 2.0 winning the Developer.com contest in the Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add In Category.

Great News in every aspect!

Personally from what I foresee, Flash Lite will take off in a big way this year. Many operators in EMEA and the APAC are very keen to launch Flash Lite content. However what most of them lack is the knowledge of Flash Lite and how this technology can be established into a fluid model of delivery for the consumers. Operators do consider Flash Lite as a lucrative business option as compared to Java and the mess it has created in the mobile content space, especially gaming. But they are not confidence enough and it is developers like us who need to inform and educate them with to accept business models.

Once the ball starts rolling I am sure there will be no stopping to Flash Lite in the mobile space.



At 12:39 AM , Blogger Abdul said...


FlashLite is amazing but I still feel something is missing in FlashLite platform and understanding.

- Operators don't go for new stuff unless it's proven, specially Indian operators don't try new stuff or there is lack of innovation. I can understand, their management is probably old-school guys with MBA degrees but their team is again not enthu folks, have you found anyone working Airtel, Hutch, Reliance etc blogging or any forum? I have not found anyone, i might have missed...

- We need more robust tool to build FlashLite apps. Right now development workflow is around Flash IDE. But I have done stuff using OpenLaszlo, MTASC... So Adobe or development community needs to start building the tool-set based on standards (eclipse etc). Oh yeah, I was the first one to doubt the capabilities of MTASC+Eclipse+etc on actionscript.com/org? article, later OSFlash.org was born.. I learnt from my mistake...

- We need light-weight component framework for FlashLite, Jesse and others are working on it. But I guess, Adobe needs to start thinking on it, I know they have started doing it last year itself...We might hear something soon :)

- There is room for huge improvement in FlashLite platform, better APIs... FlashLite can surely take good things from J2ME. J2ME platform has loads of good things (MIDP, CDLC etc).. I guess, once we have something like that in FlashLite, developers can be more productive and can create applications for more devices.

Having said that, I believe, if I had enough money I could have started a startup for making some products using FlashLite. I know, FlashLite alone can't make a good mobile application, so I can use python or J2ME with it... I have ideas, would surely post my experiments done in last one year :)

BTW! Nice post and we are looking for more cool posts...


At 9:02 AM , Anonymous Luciano Ayres said...


The Flash Lite game screenshot used in the pocketgamer.co.uk article belongs to one of our games, Office Frenzy by i2 tecnologia. Nice post.

At 10:29 AM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

You are right to a cerain extent Abdul.

I think the area Flash Lite lacks in is Content Protection. The player does have loopholes like a menu that allows a user to transfer flash content to other devices, PCs etc. This leads to loss of revenue for the content providers and developers. It is not the content quality but the content piracy that scares operators off.

Having said that, I think a technology like J2ME has its own 2D Scalable Vector API (JSR 226)which has been around for quite some time, but I personally have never seen any content that has been launched in the market making extensive use of this API.

Flash on its own is strong enough to withstand, its just that a few areas need to be worked out by Adobe to get this technology going.

And awareness is the biggest criteria for getting there.....


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