Oct 3, 2007

Flash Lite 3 Development Session at MAX

With Flash Lite 3 being announced at MAX, it was great to see the features this new version was offering to the Flash Developer Community! I was present at Bill Perry's session on Flash Lite 3 Development and got an insight on the great content development a developer can challenge himself with.

Amongst all the noise made about Flash Lite 3 supporting video (FLV), it was great to see a live video demonstration captured through a motion camera which was then encoded using the Flash Media Encoder and then streamed live using Flash Lite 3 on the device.

Whats even better was the performance of the player. We saw an improvement in content rendering by almost 25-30%.

The presentation also showed a growth chart for Flash Lite right from version 1.0 to 3.0 with Flash Lite 3.0 being based on the Flash 8 engine, and still utilizing AS 2.0, although not supporting many Flash 8 features like bitmap caching.

Amongst all the demos displayed, it was great to see quasi 3D games developed by a company called Design Break, play so smoothly on the handset with Flash Lite 3.0 installed. It was very impressive and inspiring for a mobile game developer like me.

Finally, there was a representative from Chumby who announced their handheld device to be the first to launch with Flash Lite 3.0

So getting all excited, I finally downloaded the latest update for CS3 and also the update for Device Central to start my serious Flash Lite 3.0 development process.



At 2:11 AM , Anonymous Scott Janousek said...

Hi Mariam, the Chumby actually isn't handheld, it's a consumer electronic device that sits on your desk (or other location).

Although it does have an internal battery (9 volt), it's constrained by a "tail"/cord for the power ... ... It doesn't last long enough to qualify as portable IMHO (at least not now).


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