Jan 11, 2008

TryPhone Beta has interactive phones

I came across a very interesting site this morning called TryPhone which gave me a live hands-on experience with mobile phones. The site states that it could be the one stop for those wanting to purchase a new phone but not having enough access to its features or for those who have already bought a phone but don't know how to use it.

On going through the website, I noticed that the handsets are currently US specific, but it would be great if they could extend it to the global GSM handsets too.

Each handset comes with a detailed spec and consumer reviews on performance...which is a good way to judge the handset. Finally each handset also has a set of demos (how to download applications, how to send a text message etc) with a set of steps to guide you using the phone. And these demos are not just simple animations, but interactive, thus giving you the feel of using a phone in the browser.



At 5:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tryphone is okay, but check out GSMLive.ro phone simulators here: http://www.gsmlive.ro/telefoane/Apple/iPhone/simulator You can see far more of the actual phone (there are also Nokias, SonyEricssons, LGs etc), you can scroll it like the real iPhone, you can search its content!


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