Dec 9, 2007

initRIA - A Rich Internet Applications Developer Conference

Bangalore is to witness a first of its kind RIA Developer Conference next weekend with Mrinal Wadhwa along with a couple of other members of the Bangalore Flex User Group, putting up the whole show.

The conference is called initRIA and is scheduled for 16th December 2007. It aims to provide a platform for RIA enthusiasts around the country to interact and learn.

They are currently inviting speakers and are accepting proposals till December 11. The agenda includes all RIA technologies, so be it Flash, Flex, AIR, JavaFx, Ajax, OpenLazzlo or Silverlight, you can pick a topic to cover.

They have also opened up registration for attendees, as they have a accommodation limit of 100. So if you are around the area (or even outside it!) and wish to learn and interact with the experts, make sure to be around.



At 1:44 PM , Anonymous Mrinal Wadhwa said...

Thank you for the mention, hope to see you at the event.



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