Dec 7, 2007 gets a new look website has donned a new look today with the website looking more sleeker in its gray and white look. The look is also reminiscent of the Developer Connection launched earlier during MAX.

The website seems to be adapted for wider screens, with expanded space for better and clear usage. Navigation looks clean, with content taking center-stage! And not to forget the small search box which rests on the top right corner of the screen.

On my monitor(set at 1280x800), some sections like the Forums or the Exchange look very empty from the right hand side with the entire weight being borne by the left side....or maybe I'd just spoilt myself by getting accustomed to looking at content at the center of the screen, so now with the focus having shifted to the left, the adjustment has not set in....

What I really liked was each product page being designed with its own color and icon. It just makes viewing a lot fresher for the eyes!

Check out the new website and post your comments!



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