Dec 7, 2007

Tower Of Giza - Flash Lite 1.1 Game

Tower Of Giza is one of my first games that I have submitted for the Playyoo Contest and the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest. The game is a time based game which requires the player to build a pyramid within a decided set of years or face the wrath of Pharaoh Khufu.

The game is attempted with a 3D look and feel and an emulated "swapDepths" feature (absent in Flash Lite 1.1).

The game is developed in Flash Lite 1.1, as this version of Flash Lite is still available on a large number of handset models and is backward compatible with the newer phones too. The game was compiled using the Playyoo extension (extremely simple to use) and was later tested on Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

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