Nov 12, 2007

Spotlight - Flash Lite Game Development

Last week I had the opportunity to talk to Marco Lapi, admin of, about Flash Lite and mobile gaming. For those who may not know, has a huge resource of tutorials, sample files, and game files for web and mobile game developers.

Our conversation of last week has been compiled into an article and published on their website. To read it you can follow the link -



At 6:30 PM , Anonymous alejandro said...

Hi, First of all I want to say tha I am a complete IGNORANT about
FlashLite, but I am a FlashDesigner (more graphic than ActionScript
programer) and very enthusiastic and with a lot of energy to learn.

I also know some of the ActionScript from flash 4 til AS2, but like i
said before, i'm more a graphic designer than a AS programmer

I have this question: in order to get the bigest target market for
mobiles, is it smart to design the FlasLite files for FlashLite 1.1?..
is this a smart way of thinking?,

What i want to do are forms, not games, not photos not video, (at least
for the moment), just nice, eyecatching forms, so in order to do this
flashLite1.1 is enough? what can you suggest me?

Can you also drive me to some tutorials, files, blogs or material to start
learning about flashLite?

thanks a lot



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