Mar 19, 2008

Once upon a time there was an iPhone born....

And then the Flash on iPhone news never ceased to disappear. The latest to appear this morning was that Adobe has already started development of the Flash Player for the Apple iPhone. This revelation was made yesterday by Adobe's chief executive officer, Shantanu Narayen during a conference call.

"We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone. We have evaluated (the software developer tools) and we think we can develop an iPhone Flash player ourselves." Shantanu is said to have said.

Well, after all is said, it will be worthwhile waiting for the player only once an official press release is made. Till then its best to work on all the other devices, handhelds and consumer electronics that Flash currently supports.

Read directly from the sources - Engadget and AppleInsider




At 5:07 PM , Anonymous Keith Peters said...

Check the comments here:

Looks like he was a bit misquoted.

At 6:48 PM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

@keith - Beginner sources always show what the readers want to read...and I guess thats what happened with Shantanu's statement about Flash on the iPhone.

"Well, you really believe that Flash is synonymous with the internet and frankly, anybody who wants to browse the web and experience the web's glory really needs Flash support. We were very excited about the announcement from Windows Mobile, adoption of Flash on their devices and the fact that we've shipped 0.5 billion devices now, non-PC devices. So we are also committed to bringing the Flash experience to the iPhone and we will work with Apple. We've evaluated the SDK, we can now start to develop the Flash player ourselves and we think it benefits our joint customers. So we want to work with Apple to bring that capability to the device."

The above is a snippet from the transcript at

At 11:53 PM , Blogger srini said...

Hey Mariam! Happy to read your blog :) iPhone is a really cool device of great content potential, especially after opening up their SDK to everyone. I checked out their SDK and it looks very developer friendly. Lots of Objective C though :(

At 1:03 AM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

@srini - Hey glad you bumped into my blog and nice to hear your comments! Yea the SDK great for development. Although I am yet to read it, it looks quite good...


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