Feb 1, 2007

2007, the year of mobile widgets?

Recently I read a small brief written by Anders Borg, CEO and Consultant for Abiro and spoke about the AJAX technology and its possibility of coming on mobiles.

According to Anders "The main competitor to "AJAX" solutions is no doubt Flash Lite yet most (all?) mobile widget platforms run on top of MIDP, which is a benefit compared to Flash Lite, that's typically embedded (and hence must come with the phone)."

I wonder what the AJAX and Flash Lite developers have to say about this?

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At 4:28 PM , Blogger Ari said...

I believe the keyword would be "Flash Remoting", I've not yet commenced developing on FlashLite. Itching to do so, but to alternatively compete with AJAX on Mob, I believe a FlashRemoting concept could be utilized on the server..

Will watch out this space for more


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