May 15, 2007

Inauguration of the Flash Lite player on the Nokia N95..with what else but a game

Following all the talk on blogs and websites about a recently touted multimedia computer phone, I finally gifted myself a Nokia N95 last weekend... and was I the envy of all around me!

My first expression after getting a grip of the phone was - "What can I do to inaugurate the phone?", and the answer was very do what I am good at, ie. develop a game in Flash Lite and play it on the phone!

So thats what I have been working on for the past 2 days, a simple game called Bust the Blocks developed in Flash Lite version 2.x. The game concept is very simple where the user has to bust 3 similar colored blocks by moving them around the grid.

I wouldn't consider this one of my best games, because most of them involves a team effort, but this one is good enough to be downloaded and played. I have provided the link below to download and play it on the phone for entertainment purpose only.

Link to Bust the Blocks
Distribution of this game/other developer's game on any website without the author's permission is illegal and should be reported immediately.

Some pointers for the game -
  1. Developed in a resolution of 240X320 (will upload a version in resolution of 176X208)
  2. Works on phones supporting FL 2.x
  3. Features are yet to be added...suggestions are welcome (will upload new file in a few days)
  4. Designers are welcome to help make the game more visually appealing :)

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At 11:44 PM , Anonymous Alessandro said...

Ciao Mariam,

really great game, very addictive!
tested on my N93!


At 11:51 PM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

Thanks....Glad you liked it :)

At 12:33 AM , Anonymous Felipe Andrade said...

Hi Mariam,

Great game, I really liked!
Tested on Nokia 3250.

Felipe Andrade

At 1:45 AM , Anonymous Scott Janousek said...

I wonder if you have the "newest" player on there as well. Wink wink. :)

At 2:01 AM , Blogger Abdul said...

Cool! I would check it out...

BTW! Great to see you using myfabrik free storage :)


At 7:23 AM , Anonymous Rob Toole said...

Works great on my new Nokia 5700.

Great work!

At 9:38 AM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

Great to know that the game works across so many devices...but with Flash you never have to worry about that :D

@scottjanousek - The device is still awaiting an introduction to the "newest" player... :)

At 8:21 PM , Blogger JohnKoch said...

Hi Mariam,
I downloaded your game and sent it to my new Nokia E65 phone to try it. When I try to launch it from my Inbox, I get the message that the file is corrupted. I think its because the Flash Player version that comes with the E65 is FL1.1. I installed the FL 2.1 version player but the game still wont open from the Inbox. Do you know how to get a file from the Inbox/Office folders into the Flash Lite media folder?

At 10:59 PM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

@johnkoch - The game runs on the FL 2.x player only. If you have installed the 2.0 player, then its true that the file will not open from the inbox, but only from the Flash Lite media folder.
To transfer the file you can either use a USB cable or install a mobile directory scanner like FEexplorer or Fileman to transfer the swf from inbox to the folder.

At 1:19 AM , Blogger JohnKoch said...

Thanks Marian! :)


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