Mar 27, 2007

Device Central CS3 will help simplify mobile content creation

The Creative Suite 3 will be one of the better launches by Adobe this year, especially for mobile content creators like us.

Many developers currently using the Flash Lite emulator might have thought if the code they're writing will run with the same consistency and speed on the device as it would on the PC. And 90% of the times this proved to be true.

But with the Device Central, developers will be able to preview their work and test mobile content instantly within their authoring environments. They would also be able to interact with the content in the same way as they would on a real phone.

According to an article on MacWorld, Device Central will feature a built-in library of more than 200 mobile device profiles from Nokia and Sony Ericsson, among others and operators such as Verizon, so users can view at-a-glance details on the capabilities, constraints and features of individual devices. The profiles will be continuously updated by Adobe as new phones come out.

Says Anup Murarka, Adobe’s Director for Technical Marketing, Mobile and Devices about the CS3 launch, “In many ways it’s an extension of what we are doing in the rest of the company. How do people reach their customers in print, Web and increasingly on mobile phones. It extends everything Adobe has done on other media to mobile."



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