Mar 7, 2007

Iguana Mobile Singapore launches Indiagames Flash Lite Content via Nokia's Flash Channel on NCD

Our working closely with the Iguana Mobile and the Nokia team to launch our Flash Lite content in APAC finally bore its fruit this week when I received a mail saying that our games for Nokia S60 and wallpapers/screensavers for Nokia S40 had launched.

The games would be available though the Nokia Content Discoverer(NCD), which is an on-device content portal displaying a catalogue of varied wireless content. The Flash Lite category is the latest addition to this mobile portal.

To be precise, we launched 9 of our games for all the Flash Lite supported handsets on Nokia S60 and around 5 wallpapers/screensavers for each sceen resolution of Nokia S40.

Currently the games are available locally in Singapore. But we are hoping that the game downloads will pick up momentum and we will see our catalogue available with more carriers worldwide.

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At 1:56 AM , Anonymous Scott Janousek said...

Hi Mariam ... congrats! Now I can actually point to a company that has some quality content featured through NCD.

... don't think Nokia has any compliants about Singapore, eh? ... given all the handsets there!

Hey, isn't someone doing preinstalled Flash Lite content on MMC? Thought I heard that. :)

Just a minor FYI ... the description in the screengrab looks to be a little bit on the "Singlish" side ... "A whole New Flash Games"?

Probably already fixed, but thought I'd mention it. :)

At 9:05 PM , Blogger Mariam Dholkawala said...

Thanks Scott....what's really important for me is to have the content rolling in the market and have a new revenue source from it.

The Singapore market is flourishing with Flash Lite handsets, so I guess it'll pay to launch our content there.


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