Feb 6, 2007

Omega Mobile Launches Winter Themed Wallpapers and Screensavers

Omega Mobile is in news once again! Yes....but this time its for a launch of its winter themed wallapapers and screensavers called Hyper Screenz.

The content is dynamic and changes according to the time of the day, signal strength or battery level. Omega has not mentioned the handset it is targetting but says it is open for anybody who wishes to license and deploy the content. They also mention that the content can be customized to suit any brand if it wishes to.

Read more about Hyper Screenz......here

Flash Lite wallpapers and screensavers are really big on the Nokia S40 handsets. Sony Ericssons too support Flash Lite content in browser mode. Verizon too has support for Flash Lite screensavers....

Its a big open market for varied content and Omega Mobile is at it!



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