Jun 2, 2008

Forum Nokia Code Camp Winners announced

Forum Nokia recently conducted a Code Camp Competition for attendees of their Code Camps wanting to build Web Runtime (WRT) widgets and Flash applications.

The Grand Prize winners of the competition are -

Flash: CityLite by MSCorp of Coral Springs, Florida. A mobile guide to night life, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Latin American cities.

WRT: Flickret from Mark Caunter of the U.K. A mashup that combines the Flickr photo-sharing application with MapQuest APIs to let users look for and get directions to places of interest.

The Regional Winners are -

Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • Flash: Kuneri Easy Vote from Kuneri of Oulu, Finland. One-button mobile voting lets users vote by mobile phone call, text message, or Web service.
  • WRT: Flickret from Mark Caunter of the U.K.


  • Flash: CityLite by MSCorp.
  • WRT: Fon11 by Mo'Blast of Berkeley, California. A mobile social-networking utility that lets users share their whereabouts with friends and family and determine if their contacts are nearby.


  • Flash: WIND from Fieldsystem. This screen saver displays an image of a propeller turning in the wind. If the mobile signal is strong, the propeller spins quickly; if the signal weakens, the propeller spins more slowly. Also, the screen saver's background scenery changes throughout the day.
  • WRT: Nutrition from Singapore Polytechnic. This widget is used for calculating your BMI and also calories burned on a daily basis, and it can help the user to check typical food nutrition in order to maintain a healthy life style.


  • WRT: Push To Speak from Beijing Motech Technology. This mobile travel guide to China helps tourists search for restaurants, places of interest, streets and more. Also, when the user clicks a word, the software "speaks" the word in Chinese, a useful feature for asking directions and instructing taxi drivers. The latest version includes information relating to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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