Jan 31, 2007

Adobe's Narayen sees growth in video, mobile arena

Infoworld conducted an interview with Adobe's President and CEO talking about all the plans that have been envisioned for the worldwide developer community.

What is really interesting is Narayen's views on Flash Lite and the to be launched Flash Cast technology. What he also mentions is in the future
Apollo, the runtime will also be mobile-aware.

An very interestig interview to read.

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Jan 30, 2007

Flash Lite: Flavor of the Month

2007 started with a bang with the PocketGamerā€™s site listing Flash Lite as one of the trends to take off this year.

Then it was Eli Dickinson of Fierce Wireless' predictions. He figured Flash Lite as one of the foremost technologies to take off in 2007 in a big way.

And the final great news to come was the news of Flash Lite 2.0 winning the Developer.com contest in the Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add In Category.

Great News in every aspect!

Personally from what I foresee, Flash Lite will take off in a big way this year. Many operators in EMEA and the APAC are very keen to launch Flash Lite content. However what most of them lack is the knowledge of Flash Lite and how this technology can be established into a fluid model of delivery for the consumers. Operators do consider Flash Lite as a lucrative business option as compared to Java and the mess it has created in the mobile content space, especially gaming. But they are not confidence enough and it is developers like us who need to inform and educate them with to accept business models.

Once the ball starts rolling I am sure there will be no stopping to Flash Lite in the mobile space.


Jan 27, 2007

Sony Ericsson launches Developers' Guidelines for Flash Lite 1.1

Sony Ericsson had introduced Flash Lite 1.1 on many of its Walkman series and i-mode handsets. Till now it was an untapped area, but now its good to see that they are coming out with development guidelines for their handsets.

This whitepaper gives an overview of Macromedia's Flash Lite implementation on Sony Ericsson mobile phones. It also highlights the issues faced by developers and has a detailed grid of the features supported in each phone.

You can catch the news on the Sony Ericsson Developer Website and also download the document from here.

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Jan 26, 2007

Vodafone to launch new services

Vodafone is slated launch new service at the CeBit Trade Show in Hanover which will enable users to upload videos taken from their phone cameras to a Live portal via MMS or WAP. Seems like a great news especially since the service will help the users monetize their efforts.

Another interesting service they announced to launch in March is one where users can build their own Flash mobile websites.

I will keep you posted on more about this, meanwhile you can read the complete Vodafone press release online.


Jan 25, 2007

Starting to Blog

I have been thinking about blogging since a long time and I am glad I finally got to doing it today!

Yes, another one added to the list of the already existing ones, but what's the harm. I enjoy writing, indulging in knowledge sharing, creating tutorials and interacting with people, so this seems to be the best medium for me to do all of this.

Getting down to business, through this blog I hope to share my knowledge of Flash Lite and the progression of Flash on Mobiles technologies in India and worldwide. I will look forward to receiving comments so that the topic be debated if need may be.

Looking forward to a great new year!