Oct 29, 2007

Game For More

An article on gaming careers was released in today’s edition of Education Times in the Times of India newspaper in India. Written and compiled by Praveena Lakshmanan, it talks indepth about the console and mobile gaming industry for new aspirants or for those just wanting to know more.

It was good to know that I was considered a crucial part of this industry in India and got an opportunity to contribute to it from the mobile perspective.

You can read the online version on this link for Game For More


Oct 3, 2007

Flash Lite 3 Development Session at MAX

With Flash Lite 3 being announced at MAX, it was great to see the features this new version was offering to the Flash Developer Community! I was present at Bill Perry's session on Flash Lite 3 Development and got an insight on the great content development a developer can challenge himself with.

Amongst all the noise made about Flash Lite 3 supporting video (FLV), it was great to see a live video demonstration captured through a motion camera which was then encoded using the Flash Media Encoder and then streamed live using Flash Lite 3 on the device.

Whats even better was the performance of the player. We saw an improvement in content rendering by almost 25-30%.

The presentation also showed a growth chart for Flash Lite right from version 1.0 to 3.0 with Flash Lite 3.0 being based on the Flash 8 engine, and still utilizing AS 2.0, although not supporting many Flash 8 features like bitmap caching.

Amongst all the demos displayed, it was great to see quasi 3D games developed by a company called Design Break, play so smoothly on the handset with Flash Lite 3.0 installed. It was very impressive and inspiring for a mobile game developer like me.

Finally, there was a representative from Chumby who announced their handheld device to be the first to launch with Flash Lite 3.0

So getting all excited, I finally downloaded the latest update for CS3 and also the update for Device Central to start my serious Flash Lite 3.0 development process.


Missing MAX already!

We're into Day 2 of MAX with almost half the day over...and I already seem to be missing it! The conference is going to be over tomorrow and then the wait begins for next year to attend the MAX NA 2008 Conference in San Francisco (the location of the next MAX has been announced...Yay!)

I just finished speaking at my final session for this year on Multiplayer Gaming with Flash Lite and I really enjoyed talking about it. It was great having a very interactive audience on both the days, because it helped me think a little more than what I had planned for. Infact I wished to have spoken more but unfortunately was not alloted more than 2 sessions. Hmmm..well the bright side is, with the Mobiles and Devices Boot Camp tomorrow, I will be introducing my User Group in India...so looking forward to doing that!

Talking about multiplayer games, I used the Exitgames Solution to support my game. The team at Exitgames have been extremely kind and supportive in guiding me to using their solution, and I want to thank them for that. Thanks Claas & Tobias!

To explore multiplayer gaming, please visit the Exitgames site and learn more about their solution which works not only for Flash Lite but also on J2ME, BREW, Java, Windows Mobile, Flash on Desktop and Flash on any handheld! Will keep posting...


Oct 2, 2007

Playyoo launched at MAX

Playyoo is a Flash Lite mobile games portal aiming at developers to join them and help them populate their portal with good quality Flash games for handhelds. Their idea is to get game developers to freely upload, exchange, rank and comment on the games created by other developers. They announced their portal during MAX yesterday and already have developers buzzing around the content they can submit and share.

Currently Playyoo is free! It is supported by light advertising included in the games downloads and on the web site. It costs nothing to register,play, create or download games.

Moreover they also have a contest running where developers can win prizes upto $10,000. You can learn more about their contest by following the link here

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MAX 2007 - DAY 1

MAX in Chicago is probably one of the biggest Adobe shows that we might have seen in the past years. With more than 4000+ attendees, you can hardly feel the expanse of the McCormick Conference area. Space is utilized for developers to move around, network and connect and not just learn technology in their session rooms.

This year Adobe have also placed an AIR Park, which not only allows developers to brainstorm and share their AIR Applications, but can also view missed recorded sessions and hang around the Adobe Store. The Community Pavilion is also huge with sponsors, community experts, technology booths, comfortable lounges...all available to the developers attending MAX.

My experience so far has been great. I had my first session on multiplayer gaming this morning which i think went well. I then attended a couple of Flash Lite and Media Server related sessions besides hanging around the community lounge connecting with people who I knew and many who I do not know.

The session on Creating Flash Cast channels for Verizon was nice, with a panel consisting of a team from Verizon, Smashing Ideas, MTV and Adobe. They spoke about the technology and the ways a developer can launch his channel with Verizon. The good part is, Flash Cast is now being open to developers...so this served as a good news for those wanting to work with Flash Cast.

The day ended with a nice reception from the MAX sponsors. So this is all from my first day at MAX. Now moving on to Day 2.....


Developer Connection launched

Adobe has launched a newly renovated developer resource center called the Adobe Developer Connection. This developer center not only looks fresh with its new interface but also provides better and easier navigation. You can browse by technologies (alphabetically), resources, features, SDKs and more.

Make sure you check it out here.