Jul 29, 2008

Sony Ericsson Developer Website introduces new Flash Lite Tutorials and Flash Lite supported Theme Creator Tool

With the launch of the Project Capuchin Swf2Jar packaging tool last week, Sony Ericsson has increased it's momentum for supporting Flash Lite related developer activities. There has been a consistent launch of new tutorials, guidelines and sample files for developers to whet their hands and develop content.

1. New Flash Lite 2.0 tutorial, presenting phone data as dynamic animations
This tutorial explains how data from a Sony Ericsson phone can be presented as dynamic Flash Lite animations which can then be used as wallpapers or imported into a theme using the Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool.

2. Flash Lite and XML Editor added to Themes Creator Tool
The Theme Creator Tool now supports Flash Lite by enabling SWF files to be imported as standby screens to Wallpapers.

3. Developer Guidelines for Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash Lite 2.0

Although I did not have a chance to write about the Project Capuchin Swf2Jar tool before, I can say that it has sure sparked an interest, as an unlimited possibility of experimentation with their handsets and tool is foreseen.

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Jul 27, 2008

Need to design your mobile website - Refer to these tips

I recently read this very interesting article on designing websites for mobile phones. The article focuses on usability aspects of mobile websites with some snippets of HTML and CSS code. The good point about the article is that it does not focus on any particular mobile OS or technology making the tips are completely neutral in description.

Some more supporting links that I came across about designing mobile web experiences and thought I could share -


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Jul 8, 2008

Mobile Job Site

A new mobile jobs site - mobiledevjobs.org, was launched earlier this week. This site is a community initiative by Scott Janousek for getting together job opportunities for mobile professionals at one single place.

The idea is great because it covers different technologies and platforms like Java, Symbian, Flash Lite, Android, iPhone etc all under one roof. Within a few days of being launched, it is already seeing a list of new job postings, which we hope will grow as the word spreads.

If you are a mobile professional looking an opportunity, you can go check out the website and see if anything fits the bill for you.


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