Jun 30, 2007

Time to MAX in Chicago with Adobe

That time of the year has come when I will be spending more time creating presentation files than game files. Yes, the Adobe MAX Conference is another 3 months away and I’m really excited to be going there this year too. Preparations are already underway and I want to make sure that I am able to do a great if not a good presentation :D

This is my third stint at a MAX conference as a speaker and it always keeps getting better. My topic for this year is “Creating Flash Lite Multiplayer Games” with Flash Lite 2.1. Although this area is not well explored in Flash Lite for various hiccups that a developer and user may face during execution and playing, it is relatively better researched and implemented with other technologies. Through this presentation I hope to discuss various points relating to the development of multiplayer games along with a live game demo and maybe even a demo which is cross-platform-cross-technology ….interesting….just writing this got me a little more pepped up!

I would also be a part of the MaD Boot Camp which will be lead by all our Mobile and Devices UG Managers. It will be an unstructured and open session for anyone to ask questions or make comments, share coding problems, discuss workflow issues, share demos, and more. The community experts will provide guidance, tips, tricks, mobile industry knowledge, and anything else to help those who are new and those who are already developing applications and content for mobile devices.

I will also be helping out James Talbot for his pre-event training session with Flash Lite 2….and attending many sessions during the conference when I am not taking them.

The five days in Chicago are going to be simply great and I’m looking forward to being there. Hope to catch you there too!