Jun 27, 2008

Flash Lite Headers Euro 2008 Game on PocketGamer

Flash Lite Headers Euro 2008 game got a great mention on PocketGamer by Stuart Dredge.

"It's a simple yet addictive game where you choose a team, and then play one-on-one matches of header tennis, where you have to position your player in the right place to bop the ball into your opponent's goal.

The characters look very nice, and it's the kind of game we always imagined Flash Lite would be good for delivering - topical, pick-up-and-play fun."

Read the complete article here


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Root for your favorite Team at the Euro 2008. Play this Flash mobile game and make them win!

While the world sits and watches the semi finals between Russia and Spain, I blog about a sport which I have only recently started watching. Soccer was never one of my favorite sports...infact living in India I only witnessed an dizzying cricket furore and concluded that the world consisted of no other sport (ok..now that was a little exaggerated :)), until recently when I got to watch a soccer match prior to the Euro 2008. And I did get hooked to the game!

Now as the final Euro match closes on Sunday, I launched a soccer game called Headers Euro 2008 for the Flash Lite gaming community. This game is developed in Flash Lite 1.1 and is currently available on the Playyoo System for all the supported handsets.

The game has a simple game play where you as the player, selects your team and heads the ball into your opponents net to score a goal. As you progress through the initial rounds, you will play against teams of your own group. For the final 3 rounds you play with teams across groups. The opponent keeps getting smarter as you progress through the rounds.

So if you think your favorite team did not qualify for the finals...grab a mobile, play the Headers Game as your favorite team and win through all your opponents!

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Jun 2, 2008

Forum Nokia Code Camp Winners announced

Forum Nokia recently conducted a Code Camp Competition for attendees of their Code Camps wanting to build Web Runtime (WRT) widgets and Flash applications.

The Grand Prize winners of the competition are -

Flash: CityLite by MSCorp of Coral Springs, Florida. A mobile guide to night life, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Latin American cities.

WRT: Flickret from Mark Caunter of the U.K. A mashup that combines the Flickr photo-sharing application with MapQuest APIs to let users look for and get directions to places of interest.

The Regional Winners are -

Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • Flash: Kuneri Easy Vote from Kuneri of Oulu, Finland. One-button mobile voting lets users vote by mobile phone call, text message, or Web service.
  • WRT: Flickret from Mark Caunter of the U.K.


  • Flash: CityLite by MSCorp.
  • WRT: Fon11 by Mo'Blast of Berkeley, California. A mobile social-networking utility that lets users share their whereabouts with friends and family and determine if their contacts are nearby.


  • Flash: WIND from Fieldsystem. This screen saver displays an image of a propeller turning in the wind. If the mobile signal is strong, the propeller spins quickly; if the signal weakens, the propeller spins more slowly. Also, the screen saver's background scenery changes throughout the day.
  • WRT: Nutrition from Singapore Polytechnic. This widget is used for calculating your BMI and also calories burned on a daily basis, and it can help the user to check typical food nutrition in order to maintain a healthy life style.


  • WRT: Push To Speak from Beijing Motech Technology. This mobile travel guide to China helps tourists search for restaurants, places of interest, streets and more. Also, when the user clicks a word, the software "speaks" the word in Chinese, a useful feature for asking directions and instructing taxi drivers. The latest version includes information relating to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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