Feb 20, 2007

Flash Lite article - Porting J2ME game to Flash Lite

My new article on Porting a J2ME game to Flash Lite went live on the Adobe Developer Center today.

This is the third of my articles after the ones done on Persistent Data : Shared Objects and Best Practices for Mobile Game Development.

This new article is a real view of one of our J2ME games which we ported for Flash Lite on the Nokia S60 handset. It talks of the challenges we faced during porting and what methods we adopted to ease future porting.

I have tried making it as comprehensive as possible, but it would be great if anybody who has been involved in this kind of a porting process contribute to it through this post.

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Feb 12, 2007

FlashCast showcased at 3GSM

Adobe and Viacom's MTV Networks are showcasing the new mobile media applications on mobiles at the 3GSM event this year according to this press release.

According to Greg Clayman, Senior Vice President of MTV Networks' Mobile Media -
The MTV, VH1, COMEDY CENTRAL and Logo FlashCast channels that we are jointly demonstrating at 3GSM are indicative of the rich experiences that can be created on the handset when the power of programming meets the power of technology. With FlashCast technology, were able to create innovative mobile experiences that allow our viewers to connect with the music, comedy and entertainment programming they love.

Last year during MAX there were several partners for the Flash Lite launch on Verizon including us with the release of "The Office Games", based on NBC's sitcom The Office.

This year too Adobe as partnered and introduced a new technology of content development with FlashCast for the 3GSM.


Feb 6, 2007

Omega Mobile Launches Winter Themed Wallpapers and Screensavers

Omega Mobile is in news once again! Yes....but this time its for a launch of its winter themed wallapapers and screensavers called Hyper Screenz.

The content is dynamic and changes according to the time of the day, signal strength or battery level. Omega has not mentioned the handset it is targetting but says it is open for anybody who wishes to license and deploy the content. They also mention that the content can be customized to suit any brand if it wishes to.

Read more about Hyper Screenz......here

Flash Lite wallpapers and screensavers are really big on the Nokia S40 handsets. Sony Ericssons too support Flash Lite content in browser mode. Verizon too has support for Flash Lite screensavers....

Its a big open market for varied content and Omega Mobile is at it!


Feb 1, 2007

2007, the year of mobile widgets?

Recently I read a small brief written by Anders Borg, CEO and Consultant for Abiro and spoke about the AJAX technology and its possibility of coming on mobiles.

According to Anders "The main competitor to "AJAX" solutions is no doubt Flash Lite yet most (all?) mobile widget platforms run on top of MIDP, which is a benefit compared to Flash Lite, that's typically embedded (and hence must come with the phone)."

I wonder what the AJAX and Flash Lite developers have to say about this?

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Omega Mobile Launches a Complimentary 3GSM Conference Buddy Mobile Flash Lite Application

Omega Mobile, a leading mobile content developer has launched a new Flash Lite Application specifically for the 3GSM Conference to be held in Barcelona, Spain this year.

The application is called " 3GSM Conference Buddy" and is created for the Wireless World Forum by Omega Mobile to be distributed to the conference attandees to stay connected with others at the conference. W2Forum wants to distribute this application free of cost at its booth and has also made it available for download from their website.

The application has features such as prewritten text messages, pre-programmed calls to services in Barcelona and even a message to send to a loved one on Valentine's Day.

An interesting combination of features......

Its good to know that Flash Lite will be accessed by many 3GSM attendees during the conference. While travelling to a new city for a conference, its always good to have emergency numbers on you, and the Conference Buddy will help people do just that.

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to 3GSM this year, but for those those who do attend it, please download this application for your own utilization. And for those who will not attend it...well its available to you as well....so go ahead and download it.