May 28, 2008

Adobe and Qualcomm to collaborate on the BREW Mobile Platform

(via Bill Perry) A great announcement makes its way through for developers as Qualcomm and Adobe get together to integrate Flash into the BREW Mobile Platform.

Till now the Flash Lite BREW extension limited developers to only the Verizon Wireless network, but with the new BREW Mobile Platform, all the major BREW handsets supported by BREW carriers worldwide can be targeted. This means we now have an additional development platform option available apart from Nokia S60, Nokia S40, Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile.

I really look forward to researching and knowing more about this platform. Cheers to the Adobe and Qualcomm teams for this!

Read Bill Perry's Post here
Read the Qualcomm Press Release here


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May 15, 2008

Chunghwa Telecom launches Flash Cast powered Channel Me

(Via Mark) Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan recently launched their new Channel Me service powered by Flash Cast. This service is supported on Series 60 and Windows mobile devices including the HTC Diamond.

Currently they have an online representation of the service with selected channels. The actual service also includes channels such as news, weather, sports, travel, dining out amongst others.

This seems like a great opportunity for developers wanting to develop Flash Cast channels. I personally think its a great news and would love to hear more about it in terms of list of devices supported, real time working example on a handset (maybe a video), possibility of developing and testing channels outside Taiwan, etc.

Great news for mobile developers again!