Mar 27, 2007

Flash Lite Article - Introducing Adobe Device Central CS3

With the launch of CS3, Adobe has a new article up on their Dev Centre Introducing the Adobe Device Central CS3 authored by Winston Wang, Senior Product Manager for Mobile Authoring at Adobe.

The article lists the features of the Device Central and also gives interesting points on the challenges and promises of working with mobiles.

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Device Central CS3 will help simplify mobile content creation

The Creative Suite 3 will be one of the better launches by Adobe this year, especially for mobile content creators like us.

Many developers currently using the Flash Lite emulator might have thought if the code they're writing will run with the same consistency and speed on the device as it would on the PC. And 90% of the times this proved to be true.

But with the Device Central, developers will be able to preview their work and test mobile content instantly within their authoring environments. They would also be able to interact with the content in the same way as they would on a real phone.

According to an article on MacWorld, Device Central will feature a built-in library of more than 200 mobile device profiles from Nokia and Sony Ericsson, among others and operators such as Verizon, so users can view at-a-glance details on the capabilities, constraints and features of individual devices. The profiles will be continuously updated by Adobe as new phones come out.

Says Anup Murarka, Adobe’s Director for Technical Marketing, Mobile and Devices about the CS3 launch, “In many ways it’s an extension of what we are doing in the rest of the company. How do people reach their customers in print, Web and increasingly on mobile phones. It extends everything Adobe has done on other media to mobile."


Apple iPhones being sold on eBay although shipping is scheduled for June 2007

I read this crazy news today which stated that E-bay had the exclusive Apple iPhones up for sale on their website, and nearly 23 people fell for the scam by agreeing to purchase the phones for large sums. The highest bidder of this transaction agreed to pay $1125 for 1 of the 6 phones that had been put up for sale.

This is probably one of the best examples of the frenzy that the iPhone has got the people into. I can equate this sitaution to a Harry Potter book where people are willing to pay huge amounts just to get hold of the initial unedited copy....

Can't imagine what the actual phone launch will do in June!


Sony Ericsson anounces new Walkman phones at CTIA

Via biskero, Sony Ericsson announced new Walkman phone W580 at CTIA which are Flash Lite enabled - W580i and W888c.

The slim music phones are said to deliver a full walkman experience along with gaming, imaging and fitness applications.

Says Najmi Jarwala, president, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (USA) Inc. "The W580, the latest in our extensive line of Walkman phones, is exceptionally cool looking. But most importantly it was designed first and foremost for the needs of North American consumers who want to listen to their favorite music on the go with the one device they always carry with them -- their mobile phone."


Mar 22, 2007

Amp'd reinvents Motorola Q with a Flash Lite UI

According to the news on GearLog

"Youth-oriented mobile carrier Amp'd got their first smartphone today in the Motorola Q - but this isn't quite the Q you know from Verizon and Sprint. Amp'd has completely redone the user interface in Adobe's Flash Lite, into an animated carnival of ... well, it looks a lot like Amp'd's animated Amp'd Live interface on their other phones. The Q also plays Amp'd TV and all of Amp'd's content - a real breath of fresh air compared to other carriers who don't have versions of their popular entertainment apps for smartphones. And it's still a Q, which means that you can send e-mail, sync with your PC, and maybe even get some work done."

The magic word is Flash Lite which makes up the phone's UI. I remember Amp'd hiring Flash Lite UI designers sometime last year...and I guess we now know why.

The phone would go on sale sometime in April for
$199 on the Amp'd website.

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Mar 20, 2007

Flash Lite games launch in APAC

Sometime back I had posted an entry talking about Iguana Mobiles launching Flash Lite content in Singapore. Well, they are finally out with the games on their website and this time the games can be puchased online in countries like Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

The games are downloaded through GPRS over WAP on the users phone. It feels good to see the Flash Lite Ecosystem operating in full swing in APAC.

Link to the Iguana Mobile Flash page for Indiagames
Link to the Iguana Mobile Flash page for CELL

You can also check the list of other publishers who have a catalogue of Flash and Java games.

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Mar 19, 2007

Adobe MAX 2007 - Call for Topics

The MAX Conference in North America is going to be held in Chicago this year during the first week of October. The good news for developers living in other regions like Europe and Japan is that they are going to be having their own MAX too.

Adobe wants developers/designers to suggest topics for this conference. Please visit and suggest a topic.

I guess the topics suggested will apply uniformly to all regions, so take your pick and and be assured that if Adobe finds your topic convincing enough, it will definitely be a part of the MAX agenda this year.


Mar 7, 2007

Iguana Mobile Singapore launches Indiagames Flash Lite Content via Nokia's Flash Channel on NCD

Our working closely with the Iguana Mobile and the Nokia team to launch our Flash Lite content in APAC finally bore its fruit this week when I received a mail saying that our games for Nokia S60 and wallpapers/screensavers for Nokia S40 had launched.

The games would be available though the Nokia Content Discoverer(NCD), which is an on-device content portal displaying a catalogue of varied wireless content. The Flash Lite category is the latest addition to this mobile portal.

To be precise, we launched 9 of our games for all the Flash Lite supported handsets on Nokia S60 and around 5 wallpapers/screensavers for each sceen resolution of Nokia S40.

Currently the games are available locally in Singapore. But we are hoping that the game downloads will pick up momentum and we will see our catalogue available with more carriers worldwide.

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